First Stage of Deployment Completed in Nepal


And Australian DARTs continue with the vital relief effort …

Dave Tuzewski (South Australia) and Peter Hazell (UK) have handed over to Australians Di Holland (Team Leader) and Jenny Greer, and Michael McKeever from the USA. Their task will be to adapt our deployment to the impact of the forthcoming monsoon using local solutions where possible. Di Holland (from Echuca Vic.) was recently on a long-term deployment with Disaster Aid International in Vanuatu.

Brief report on our work to date Building materials and other aid items, including 123 tents have been distributed to previously identified villages. While there is some semblance of 'normality' in Kathmandu, in contrast to the hope that greeted our team, this has now turned to impatience and panic as people, still in need of shelter, face the imminent monsoon. It will bring serious difficulties with many villages now cut off by damaged roads and significant landslides.

Because of an embargo on permanent construction while new design procedures are implemented, we have to focus on transitional shelter solutions. The deployment of more tents is largely impractical given the lack of suitable space, so we are looking at providing appropriate building materials (such as corrugated sheeting). Another option is to fund local brick making. And we are constantly assessing the best deployment of our water filtration solutions.

The road ahead

Along with local Rotary clubs, we are working with our partners, Community Development & Relief Agency (CDRA) in this deployment. Stage 2 of our deployment will take place in September – after the monsoon – when more permanent shelter solutions will be required.

We are once again in this for the long haul to help Nepalese people in such distressing times.