DART team readies for Nepal

Peter Hazell was one of the candidates on our Disaster Aid Response Team (DART) training course last month when the earthquake struck Nepal.
The group of candidates on that training course was declared as one of the best groups, if not the best group, ever assembled.

Larry Agee and Darren Mayne, the Trainers leading the course, adjusted the training programme to use the disaster in Nepal to make the exercises the candidates being were tasked with, 'totally realistic in live time'.

Now, just 2 weeks later, Peter, who was one of the 11 candidates who successfully completed Part 1 of their assessment is to become a DART volunteer, has been invited to be part of Disaster Aid International's first team to go to Nepal.

This DART team will leave next week and it is expected to be the first of at least two teams that will be sent to Nepal.

Another point of interest regarding Nepal is that, in addition to the supply of water filters and 400 of our own tents, Disaster Aid International is making arrangements to ship an additional 400 tents, 400 camp/stretcher beds, and 400 pillows donated by the Victoria (Australia) Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning.

Donations to our own appeal for Nepal continue to arrive and we are encouraged by this support and grateful to everyone who is endorsing our efforts.