Our work continues In The Philippines, India And Nepal

And, our Rotary Club project is being ‘noticed’ in … Uruguay (see below)



Disaster Aid International has worked cooperatively in disaster relief with local, and respected NGO the Balay Mindanaw Foundation (BMF) for many years.

After sustained assistance following the devastating earthquakes and Super Typhoons since 2011 that killed thousands, the partnership link became stronger, and we now work alongside our BMF friends with a strong, long-term commitment to see every child in that region of the Philippines – as a start – with access to clean, safe drinking water.

Balay Mindanaw Foundation volunteers, together with community partners and Local Government departments are installing 12 SkyHydrant™ water systems provided from donations to Disaster Aid Australia.
They provide potable drinking water for some 50 families, especially the children in one of the affected areas at Lianga.

And, we continue to train local people in installation and maintenance.
Some words from the Balay Mindanaw Foundation in the Philippines …
“We refuse to be victims … … we choose to be a resource.”
“Disaster Aid Australia: the first to arrive, the last to leave.”
“Thank you Disaster Aid, Rotarians, and the SkyJuice Foundation.”

The Australian-designed SkyHydrant™ water purification system delivers 700 litres of clean drinking water per hour, and will continue to do that for up to 10 years.



Following massive flooding in Jamunaphanta early in October, Disaster Aid International’s Deployment Manager, Rotarian Ed Cox went to the affected area to find 67 houses totally destroyed and many others badly damaged. He is still there.
The APF (Armed Police Force) worked with us and Ed Cox reported, “I cannot thank them enough for their hard work. A dedicated group, they were with us every day providing manpower, training and security.”



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Permi and David at RC Bombay Airport with a SkyHydrant™

As recently reported, we are in the early stages of formally setting up Disaster Aid India. That followed the well-received visit to that country by DAI chairman PP David Langworthy and Rtn Perminder Rayat (both are members of RC Endeavour Hills D9820 Vic.)
As that start-up process continues, the next deployments to India will be 10 SkyHydrant™ units – working with the RC of Navi Mumbai – and another 10 to West Bengal – with the RC of Purilia.
Local Rotarians will be trained in key aspects of our operation including the set-up and maintenance of these remarkable water purification systems that, importantly, meet the World Health Organisation’s requirements for clean, safe drinking water.


An interesting aside, and a measure of a Rotarian’s tireless commitment, is that David Langworthy (above) and his wife Jean are on extended leave in this country and, as well as learning the Spanish language, David, in typical
fashion, has been speaking at local Rotary Clubs about the work of Disaster Aid International. In recent days, he has been at the RCs of Pozos Del Rey and Plaza Matrix.
This editor would not be surprised to learn when David and Jean return, in mid-December, that Disaster Aid Uruguay is up and running, with other countries in his sights! Gracias David.