Moving Ahead With Our Water Filtration System

Outbreak of Cholera in the Philippines hastens training and installation

At the Disaster Aid International (DAI) stand at Rotary’s recent world Convention in Sydney, the working model of SkyHydrant™, the Australian-designed water purification system, created much interest. DAI’s Deployment & Training Manager, Rotarian Ed Cox, was there and then flew to the Philippines to begin a series of instructional sessions on installation and use of the SkyHydrant™.

Its use in the ongoing work of rebuilding communities after devastating earthquake and typhoons by providing fresh water in disaster areas has assumed a major part of DAI’s work now. Capable of delivering some 1,500 litres of safe drinking water each hour, it has become an important piece of equipment.


However, since the outbreak of Cholera earlier this year that affected over 450 families, it has become a vital element in affected communities. DAI has redoubled its efforts on the ground to not only provide the clean, safe water delivery systems, but also to ensure locals are fully trained in their installation, operation and maintenance. Rotary clubs in the Philippines (and here in Australia) are also playing an essential role.
Our partner in the Philippines, The Balay Mindanaw Foundation has identified multiple communities that urgently need water, and DAI works closely in training people in delivery of the Australian filtration equipment.

“This is a very exciting time for DAI providing communities with access to clean drinking water: they are very impressed with the filter and the amount of water it is producing for them. DAI has been providing solutions to the problem of unclean drinking water since its first deployment in 2010.  We take for granted the ability to simply turn on a tap and have clean water that is safe to drink, so for the areas we are helping in the Philippines it is of immeasurable assistance in their daily lives.” Ed Cox