Malaysians and Filipinos learn how to install and operate the amazing SkyHydrant™ water filtration system.

sky hydrant

For some years, Disaster Aid International has partnered with the SkyJuice™ Foundation in providing low cost, sustainable water treatment solutions for humanitarian projects and for emergency and disaster relief efforts.  In conjunction with Disaster Aid International, the SkyJuice™ Foundation recently conducted a training program in Tweed Heads NSW on the installation and operation of its SkyHydrant water purification system.   
Conducted over two days, participants included two Rotarians from Disaster Aid Malaysia, and four representatives from The Balay Mindanaw Foundation (a Filipino NGO that works closely with DAI in the Philippines).
The training was necessary to understand the many options available in installing and operating the system, and also underscored the importance of all our DARTs (Disaster Aid Response Team members) having SkyHydrant training.  It was a worthwhile program that will be repeated over time.