Fiji 2016

fiji9Disaster Aid Response Team Members distribute building supplies and assist with reconstruction after Cyclone Winston.

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Shelter Repair Kits deployed in Fiji

On 24 an 28 March, the team successfully completed two deployments of shelter repair kits to the first group of 4 villages on their deployment plan. The have also under taken pre-delivery assessment trips to the remaining 5 villages who are due to receive their shelter repair kits on 31 March and 1 April.

It is often hard for those not involved in a disaster aid deployment to understand the intense amount of assessments, consultations, planning and logistics that is needed for a successful deployment. However, this work is essential to ensure that those in most need can be identified, to find out what they need and then source the materials while avoiding any duplication of effort from other aid agencies.

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Disaster Aid in Nepal


Disaster Aid response Teams have been busy bringing emergency supplies to earthquake-ravaged Nepal.


Home Repair Kits in Vanuatu

DSCN1247 DSCN1252

Our team of volunteers in Vanuatu has now distributed a number of home repair kits, which were purchased locally to boost the local economy. When Cyclone Pam hit some weeks ago, many lost all their possessions and belongings - houses, fishing boats, clothing. Rebuilding after a major disaster is very difficult, even for a population as resilient as that of Vanuatu.

We have now distributed individual water filters and home repair kits. Yet the needs are still great. Over the coming weeks we will keep working with the people of Vanuatu to assist with their challenge in having access to clean water. In Vanuatu under half of the rural population has access to safe drinking water.

Help us make a different for the people of Vanuatu by donating for this cause. Long after the images of the cyclone stop making the news, we will continue to work with this population to find sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.